April 2019

Trip Location: Lebanon

Approximate Cost of Trip: $2000
Date the Trip Will Start: April 27, 2019
Date the Trip Will End: May 5, 2019
Final Date for Signup: April 1, 2019
Organization: Church Resourse Ministry
Goals of The Trip: To provide compassionate, loving medical and dental care to those in need, and to proclaim the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

Mission Overview

Type of Dentistry Performed: Extractions
Church Host Information: Local Lebanese believers.
Description of the area: The country of Lebanon is politically stable and economically prospering. There are not any travel restrictions and people are open to hear the gospel. Local believers are encouraged to have fellow brothers and sisters in Christ come and work beside them in declaring the Lord.

Mission Trip Logistics

Destination Airport: Beirut
Lodging: Comfortable hotels
Special Requirements (VISA, Immunizations, etc.): None
Meals: Local restaurants
Voltage: 110-120 volts
Electricity: Very reliable
Currency: US dollar is accepted
Free Time and Opportunities: The final day will provide opportunities to sightsee and shop.

CDS Member Contact Information

Full Name: Al Warren
Address: 2527 SW Greenwich Way, Palm City, FL 34990
Phone Number: +17722850791
Email Address: loualwarren@gmail.com