Donating to CDS

If you would like to donate items to the CDS please contact Tina at our home office at 563-578-8887 or e-mail at and a tax receipt will be sent by e-mail or by mail.

If you contribute funds to the Christian Dental Society, 100% of your donation will go to either the “equipment fund” to support our loaning of sets, kits, and equipment in support of missions or to the CDS “general fund” in support of the CDS. Please identify which fund you are donating to in the Description. You will receive a tax receipt from the CDS office via e-mail or in the mail. You can either donate on-line by following the prompts below or write a check addressed to CDS and send to Tina Wendell at PO Box 296 in Sumner, Iowa 50674.

If you would like to contribute to a specific “Designated Fund” in support of a mission project, please identify the fund and specify the amount following the prompts below, or you may write a check to the CDS identifying the fund. In either case you will receive an e-mailed or mailed tax receipt for the full amount of your donation. If you choose to use the prompts below, paying with a credit card or PayPal, there is a 3% handling fee charged by the banks processing the credit payments and that will be deducted from your donation. For example if you donate $100 then $97 will go into the chosen designated fund. To avoid this 3% fee, please write out a check or money order made out to the CDS and send to Tina at our home office listed above and 100% of your donation will go to your designated fund.