Restorative Kits

sandersrestorativekitAt minimum, a Restorative kit contains:
For amalgam:
6 burnishers, carversm condensers
3 amalgam carriers
1 amalgam well
Amalgam, copalite, tofflemire retainers and bands

For composite:
3 composite placing instruments
composite, plastic strips, finishing strips
6 mouth mirrors
1 cement placing instruments
dycal instruments
6 explorers
6 cotton pliers
1 pair of scissors
1 metal spatula
3 anterior scalers
3 prosterior scalers
3 spoons
5 anesthetic syringes
Articulating paper, application brushes, cotton rolls x4, dycal etch, floss, glass, inomer, 3 mining pads, pin kit, prophy angles x25, 10 suction tips, wooden wedges, IRM, napkin hoders, prophy paste.

Restorative kits will usually have an amalgamator & light gun (110). The dentist will need to bring needles, anesthetic, bonding agent, burrs, composite finishing materials.