Guides and Gurus

MEMBERS ONLY: If you can be a resource for mission trip information, click HERE.

If you are planning a mission trip and would like to find out more about the location from someone who has “been there” and “done that”, feel free to contact the members listed below.

Please be respectful of their time.

LocationContact Info
HaitiDenis Scharine DDS: 920-446-2213
William Griffin DDS: (757) 873-3001
Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Romania, Philippines,
Randy Sanders DDS: (303) 337-2794
Cambodia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras,
James Wolf DDS: 989-354-4687
Mexico, GuatamelaJody Yarbro: 254-694-1407
UkraineRobert Liebler DMD: 305-274-9251
Columbia, Brazil and PeruNita Isgrigg DMD: 502-296-6482
Guatemala, BoliviaAl Nessmith: 561-746-7882
JamaicaJames Carney DDS: 630-776-4038
Swaziland, Egypt, Mozambique, Madagascar,
Dominican Republic, Nepal, Honduras,
Bangladesh, Moldova
Robert Meyer, DMD: 719-351-2152
ChinaChun In Jerry Lin DDs: 352-255-5667