History of Christian Dental Society Presidents

1962 Dr. John McInnes began the vision of CDS
1963 CDS was formerly organized at the ADA in Atlantic City
1964 CDS was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in Colorado
1976 Dr. Joe Ponzani
1982 Dr. James Greeley
1984 Dr. Paul Heese   (when Dr. Haw became Secretary/Treasurer and moved CDS to Sumner)
1988 Dr. Jack Wasinger
1990 Dr. Jim Lawson
1992 Dr. Jeff Haw
1994 Dr. Morris Talbert (resigned mid-term)
1995 Ron Lamb, DMD
1997 Gayle Cheatwood, DDS
1999 Jim Carney, DDS
2001 Jim Jespersen, DDS
2003 Jody Yarbro, DDS
2005 Bill Griffin, DDS
2007 Denis Scharine, DDS
2009 Randy Sanders, DDS
2011 Jody Yarbro, DDS
2013 Bob Meyer, DMD
2015 Dr. Monica Oliveira-Hewitt
2016 Denny Scharine, DDS
2018 Dave Moretz DDS