International Mission Opportunities

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Organization and WebsitePurposeMission Opportunities
ADA Foundation
Phone: 312-440-2500
Listing of 59 Christian Organizations and 120 other organizations wanting dental professionals
Countries throughout the world
Adonai Partners
Phone: 800-334-2775
An African-led network of professionals working together in a holistic manner ministering to spirit, soul, mind, and body. Proclaim the love of God by word and deed.Uganda, Sudan, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire
Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel
Phone: 800-251-7206
70 years of finding ways to share the Gospel. Meeting physical needs through dental/med. clinics quickly breaks down walls.Balkans, Peru, Uganda, IndiaBrazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Albania, Bulgari, Romania, Moldova, Liberia, Egypt, Turkey, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, S. Africa, Zimbabwe
Africa Christian Medical Missions
Phone: 713-931-4421
Volunteers healing bodies and souls in the nations of Africa.Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and more
Africa Inland Mission
Phone: 800-254-0010
Establish nurturing churches of Christ through medical/dental service to AfricaMinisters in 18 African countries and to Africans living around the worldthrough a wide range of health ministries
Agape Medical Center
Phone: 877-576-4504
Shares Gospel and God’s AGAPE love by providing medicines, consultations, dental, etc.Rural Russia
Agape Mitaboni Academy
Phone: +254774514744
Reaching out Souls For Christ Through Dental Mission WorkKenya
Agua Viva Ministries
Phone: 619-488-4156
Reaching Mexico for Christ by partnering Dental/Med/Optometry.Underserved, remote communities surrounding the Ensenada, Mexico area.
Amazon Hope
Phone: +44 (0)1875 812 252
Treating isolated people with medical care in floating clinics. Our Christian Ethos shapes our work.Tanzania and Peru
Amazon Mission Organization
Championing the Gospel in the Amazon traveling in large boats.Brazil
Ambassadors Medical Outreach & Relief
Fax: 603-215-2231
Touching one life at a time through multifaceted program, including dental/med, health education and more.Amazon basin of east Peru
ASODDECA Dental Mission
Phone: 770-786-6955
Dental clinic set up in Peru needing dentists/hygienists dedicated to God and the kidsPeru
Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
Phone: 717-774-7000
Using med/dental care, we share the story of hope to build communities of faith that serve the world.Nicaragua, Ecuador, Argentina, Haiti, Moldova, Ukraine, Liberia, The Gambia, Togo, Bangladesh, India, Papua New Guinea
Baptist Global Response
Phone: 866-974-5623
Helps health care professionals to live out the compassion of Christ with people in need.Worldwide and in partnership with a variety of groups
Baptist Haiti Mission
Phone: 833-563-1776
Has a 100-bed full-service hospital and outpatient clinics (including dental needs.)Fermathe, Haiti (close to Port-au-Prince)
Baptist Medical and Dental Mission
Phone: 601-544-3586
Making life better for thousands in Honduras and Nicaragua because Jesus Christ calls us to serve the poor and give them hope in HIS name.Multiple teams to Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Nepal
Baptist Medical Centre
Phone: 828-278-1144 (Elaine)
828-262-1980 (Samaritan’s Purse)
123-bed hospital whose Christ-serving, excellent reputation brings people from Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Mali.Nalerigu, Ghana
Baptist Medical Dental Fellowship
Phone: 469-475-2511
Catalyzes Christian healthcare missions for dental, medical, disaster relief, support ministryCuba, Peru, Ukraine, Haiti, and Dominican Republic
Baptist Medical Missions International
Phone: 501-455-4977
Reaching out with the Gospel and using healthcare to reach others. Dental/medical clinics on some short-term missions. 53 countries to include: Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Cape Verde, Hawaii, Ghana, Lebanon, Mongolia, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Laos, Greece, Thailand, El Salvador and others
Belize Mission Project
Phone: 320-260-1808
Christian medical and dental through encouragement of novice mission participant involvementBelize
Blessing the Children - Canada Inc.
Phone: 403-489-0596
Making a difference in the lives of children through the Adana Children Center in Ethiopia and other outreaches.Primary focus is ministry to orphans and widows in Ethiopia. Partnering with 30 other ministries at time.
Canvasback Missions, Inc.
Phone: 800-793-7245
Sending several mission dental/medical/health educational teams every year. Marshall Islands, Micronesia Islands
Caring Hands Worldwide
Phone: 541-937-2786
Mission of arresting dental disease in the worldMicronesia and Mongolia
Caring Partners International
Phone: 937-743-2744
Evangelism through dental/med. Partnering with churches to minister like Jesus.Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, Kenya, Ukraine, China, India, Thailand
Catholic Medical Mission Board, Inc.
Phone: 800-678-5659
Quality healthcare programs and services, without discrimination, to people in need around the world; founded in 1928Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean
Centro Manos Amigas, refugee for women and children
Phone: 913-851-9558
Provide dental care to refugees, school, and poor in area in conjunction with local church. Group usually goes in January each year and works with local dentists with portable dental equipment.Guatemala
Cheerful Heart Dental Mission
Phone: 973-632-9912
A Christian humanitarian organization focused on bringing dental care to the impoverished border region of the Dominican Republic and HaitiDominican Republic and Haiti
Christ For City International
Phone: 888-526-7551
Committed to serving others in the name of Christ in 16 countriesArgentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Mali, Spain, Zimbabwe, Peru, India, Niger, Panama, Guatemala
Christ for Humanity
Phone: 918-836-2424
Focusing on partnering with well-established ministries to meet the needs of the poor.Mexico, (5 countries) Central America, (7) S. America, (3) Caribbean, Spain, (12), Asia, E. Europe, Africa, Middle East
Christ Smiles
Phone: 469-271-4761
To be as Christ for others to serve who are in greatest need.
Mexico and Central America
Christian Dental Association
Phone: 888-230-2637
Ministry of CMDA to provide dental care and education to help transform the world.Greece, Ecuador, Guatemala, W. Africa, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Jordan, and more
Christian Emergency Relief
Teams International
Phone: 931-707-9464
To alleviate human suffering with medical/dental services in remote locations and provide relief in emergency or needy situations with the love of ChristAfrica, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Cuba, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Philippines,Romania, Thailand, and more
Christian Medical and Dental Society
Phone: 902-406-2955
The Canadian version of CMDA; encourages dentists to go on missions.Angola, Congo, Malawi, Sudan and more
Christian Medical Ministry of Alabama
Phone: 205-776-5470
Sending teams of dental/med professionals and students to serve those in need.Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Honduras, Peru
Christian Medical Missions, Inc
Phone: 512-924-4225
Providing medical, dental and eye care to indigenous people of Central AmericaGuatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama
Circle of Love Foundation
Phone: 815-282-9243
Offers free clinics in impoverished areas as a vehicle for ministry/sharing GospelSouth Africa, Thailand, Guatemala, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Malawi
Comboni Lay Missionary Program
Phone: 708-588-1602
Catholics who walk with the poor of other lands, sharing our talents and learning and working with each other.Peru, Malawi, Zambia, Ethiopia
Compassion Link
Phone: 417-866-6311
Offering a compassionate touch to demonstrate God’s love with volunteer healthcare professionals to serve on short-term outreaches.Columbia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Mexico, Northern Africa, Panama, Philippines, Ukraine, Romania, and more
Compassion Med International
Non-profit, non-denominational international dental/medical clinics.Honduras, West Bank, Moldova, Romania, Sierra Leone and more
Construction for Worldwide Evangelism-Christian Medical Services
Phone: 813-877-8420
They assist the local church in fulfilling the Great Commission by providing and facilitating spiritually effective mission opportunities worldwide.Brazil, Haiti, Cameroon, Togo II, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic and more
Corner of Love
Phone: 425-432-0433
National leadership helps achieve great things for God by teaching steps out of poverty.Costa Rica, San Ramon and Plaza de Bondad, Nicaragua
Covenant Medicine Outreach
Phone: 602-228-8983
Provide Medical care in a covenant way to the less fortunate by serving with excellence and humility showing the grace of Christ.Swaziland, Kenya
Cure International
Phone: 616-512-3105
Serving families in the world’s poorest countries. Christian basis, but members of all faiths are welcomed to help Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Honduras, Keya, Niger, Philippines, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia
Dental Community Fellowship
Phone: (803) 269-9899
Student chapter of CMDA taking students on overseas mission trips to educate and impact our dental world in response to God,s love.Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Burundi, Nicaragua
Dental Vision Mission
Phone: 760-554-2820
Compassion through dental, eye care, and medical to share the Gospel and Jesus’ love.Mexico, Romania, China and others
Dorcas Medical Mission
Phone: 718-342-2928
Free health care services to poor and disenfranchised in developing countries, respecting dignity of allDominica, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, SaintVincent, The Grenadines, South Africa
Education, Medical Aid & Service Canada (EMAS CANADA)
Phone: 866-648-0664
Formerly called Evangelical Med. Aid Society. A Christian charitable organization sending dental/medical missions. Cuba, Haiti, Ecuador, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Haiti, India, Myanmar
El Sauzal Orphanage
Phone: 011-52-646-151-3140 Mexico
Need dentists, hygienists, and others to help. Opportunities to remodel local dental clinic.Near Ensenada, Mexico
Evangelistic International Ministries
Phone: 870-226-3626
Has Hospital Centro Socorro De Lo Alto in Sula, Honduras. Regularly sends dental/med.Honduras, Philippines, Nepal, Ghana, Tanzania
Faith In Practice
Phone: 713-484-5555
Providing life changing dental/medical missions through professional exchange.Hospital/orphanage in Antigua, Guatemala and surrounding villages
Faith Medical Missions
Phone: 405-224-0069
Takes dental/medical teams into some of the poorest areas of the world.Thailand, Cambodia, Haiti, Honduras, Romania, Guatemala
Farm of the Child
Phone: 727-475-4459
Catholics desire to bring the Kingdom of God to the poor people of Honduras.Located in the rural, coastal town of Trujillo, Honduras with adolescents in La Ceiba.
Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism (FAME)
Phone: 800-379-4351
Partnering in short-term clinic missions by taking the love of Christ wrapped in suitcases of health care supplies.Myanmar, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ghana, Brazil, Kenya, India, Ivory Coast, Columbia, Philippines, etc.
Flying Doctors of America
Phone: 404-273-8348
Bring together medical providers and other volunteers to care for the poorest in the world as an outreach of Medical Mercy Missions.Guatemala, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Fiji, Jordan, Bolivia, Jordan, Guyana, Columbia, Ethiopia, and other places.
Forward Edge International
Phone: 360-574-3343
Mobilizing people to share Christ’s love with the poor, sick, those affected by disasterKenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico
Freedom's Promise
Phone: 615-807-0492
Prevention of human trafficking through community developmentCambodia
Friends of Barnabas Foundation
Phone: 804-744-5624
Working with dental/medical clinics since 1990s. Faith-based and helps many students.
General Baptist Ministries
Phone: 573-785-7746
Teams provide support and aid to their missionaries and nationals as they work on different fields around world.Saipan, Guam, Philippines, and India and more to countries
Global Health Ministries
Phone: 763-586-9590
Continues healing ministry of Christ through health programs of Lutheran Churches.Central African Republic, Liberia, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, El Salvador, Liberia, Madagascar. Tanzania, and South Sudan
Global Health Outreach
with Christian Medical Dental
Phone: 888-230-2637
GHO exists to show the compassion of Christ to those affected by disasters around the world through medical, dental, spiritual and psychological careCambodia, China, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Middle East, Moldova, Nepal, Nicaragua, Honduras, and more
Global Medical Missions Alliance
Phone: 714-444-3032
Christian health care professionals striving to teach and care for the well-being of the whole jperson. They mentor students and run dental and medical short-term mission tripsMexico, Paraguay and Honduras
Global Mission Partners
Phone: 405-623-7667
International short-term missions for healthcare, construction, outreach, etc.Belize, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, India and more
Global Outreach Mission
Phone: 716-688-5048
Inter-denominational foreign missionary organization dedicated to carrying out great commission in 44 countries.Belize with established dental clinic, Congo, Costa Rica, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Syria, and many others
Global Partners
Phone: 800-707-7715
The mission arm of The Wesleyan Church challenges all to give 2 years to unreached.90 countries with 230 missionaries (1/3 of world has never heard of Jesus)
Global Scholars (International Institute for Christian Studies)
Phone: 913-962-4422
Over 100 million University students around the world do not have a professor who can articulate a Biblical worldview.Desires 100 Christian professors teaching overseas by 2015. (Includes sciences, dentistry) for many nations
God’s Helping Hands
Phone: 509-528-4731
Linking human hands with God’s to show His love to our neighbors.Guatemala
Good News India
Phone: 855-464-2445
Dental/medical camps in interior for tribal people and leper community.India
Gospel for Asia
Phone: 800-946-2742
Be devout followers of Christ bringing practical help to suffering.20 countries in Asia
Grace Dental and Medical Missions, Inc.
Phone: 978-267-1003 and 978-454-6710
Fundamental Bible-believing non-profit mission to provide dental care to missionaries and their contacts; short-term missions.Africa, Europe, Eurasia, Honduras, Mexico, Micronesia, and Papua New Guinea
Grace Fellowship Kampala Church
Phone: 256414535058
Looking to sponsor short-term dental/medical teams to minister to underserved and share God’s love.Uganda
Ha Tikva Project (The Hope Project)
Phone: +972 54-9428470
We operate the first and only Messianic non-profit dental clinics in Israel. Our clinics are staffed by local, Israeli believers and our faith is not compromised.Jerusalem, Israel
Haiti Outreach Ministries
Phone: 919-801-5196
Introducing Christianity to the local people through dental/medical clinics, etc.Cite Soleil, Haiti
Haitian Christian Missions
Phone: 844-426-1974
Built three dental/med. clinics and mobile medical teams that serve 16,000 every year.Port-au-Prince and Fond Parisien, Haiti
Hand of Hope—Joyce Meyer Ministries
Phone: 866-480-1528
They hold various medical/dental missions trips throughout the year. They provide free care to those in need.El Salvador, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Brazil, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Philippines, and Uganda
Hands of Love USA
Phone: 770-881-3512
Sponsoring two orphanages as an oasis of light and hope in a country riddled with darkness.Uganda
Hands On Missions
Phone: 704-471-1150
Opportunities for Christians to learn by participating in missions locally and around world.Brazil, Canada, New York City, Ukraine, India, Kenya, Malawi, Taiwan, and more
Harvest International
Phone: 352-622-1818
Christian organization helping with physical needs to gain access to spiritual needs.Haiti, Cuba, Kenya, Romania, Uganda, Ukraine, Zibabwe, India, Jamaica
Harvesters Reaching the Nations
Christ-centered organization providing discipleship, education and health care.
South Sudan and Uganda
Healing Hands Inc.
Phone: 586-960-5703
Christian dental/medical outreach focusing on schools, orphanages, and prisons.Nigeria, China, Brazil, Cameroon, Mali, Honduras, Nepal, Peru, India, Indonesia
Health Outreach to the Middle East
Phone: 281-710-2666
Christian interdenominational organization provides dental/medical care to needy.Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen and South Sudan
Health Talents International, Inc
Phone: 501-827-9778 or 615-397-5447
Promotes medical evangelism in underdeveloped countries: medical, dental, and surgical services at Clinic Ezell. Guatemala
Health Teams International
Phone: 810-229-9247
Canada: 613-591-9902
Dedicated to serving the unreached people groups through health teams missions.Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, China, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras,India, Kenya, Laos, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Peru, Siberia, Uganda
Heart for Africa
Phone: 678-566-1589
Heart for Africa is a faith-based, non-profit 501(c)3 public charity. Working alongside churches in Swaziland, we are providing care and hope for the future for children in this small African nation. Through short term service trips, child sponsorship, and large fund raising programs, we are working to deliver quality care, shelter, food, water, clothing, health care, and education to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Swaziland.Swaziland (Africa)
Heart of Africa
Phone: 407-619-3482
To enhance the ministries of African Christian LeadersUganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Liberia, Democratic Republi of Congo, S. Sudan
Hearts Afire
Phone: 941-718-0341
Send volunteers to rural medical outreach with dental/med, etc. Work with local staff.Haiti, Ghana, Kenya, Peru, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Swaziland, and more
Hearts for Honduras
Phone: 630-918-8351
Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church sends groups to include dental/medical care.La Entrada, Honduras
Heaven’s Reach Ministries
Phone: 479-200-7379
Faith-based outreach to spread love and life to the nations through dental/med., etc.Poorest of Honduras: La Esperanza, Intibuca, and Gracias, Lempira
Helping Hands Foreign Missions
Phone: 678-765-6999
A God-honoring , Christ-based group partnering with others to tell the world about Jesus, providing help and hope.Uganda, Bolivia, primarily. (Have also served Uganda, Kenya, Bolivia, Haiti, Mexico, Russia, and Mongolia.)
Hillside Health Care International
Phone: 501-722-2312
Offers culturally-rich educational program for volunteers of this faith-based, non-profit organization that provides health care and disease preventionBelize
Hispanic International Mission
Phone: 339-237-0789
Improve oral health through Christian missionsDominican Republic, Cabo Verde, West Africa,
His Healing Hands
Phone: 805-434-3653
Witnesses the Gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching, and medical missionsShort-term, out-patient clinics in Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Uganda, Peru, India, Romania, Philippines, Haiti, Indonesia
HIS Servants Ministries
Phone: 606-875-1206
Sending short-term dental/medical teams to serve in clinics.Clinic in San Juan Ermita, Chiquimula, Guatemala and Belize, Kenya, Thailand; activities elsewhere
Honduras Baptist Dental Mission
Spreading the Gospel to Hondurans by filling both physical and spiritual needs. Sends team of 80 people—half from Honduras and half from U.S. every other week.Poor, rural villages in Honduras
Honduras Medical Mission of the Episcopal Dioceses of Mississippi
Phone: 601-948-5954
Dental and medical care is provided annually on short-term missions with the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras.San Joaquin, Santa Barbara, Honduras
Hope & Help International
Phone: 423-596-8190 or 423-991-3892
Evangelical ministry for impoverished people in South Asia and India with spiritual and medical/dental assistance.India, Nepal, Bhutan
Hope Alive Clinic
Phone: 609-234-3629 and 609-922-0802
Sharing the love of Jesus to Haitians since 1998 through dental/medical care, etc. Tricon and Mariani, Haiti
Hospitals of Hope
Phone: 316-262-0964
“Showing Christ’s love by healing bodies and souls.” Short-term missionsBolivia, Liberia and Haiti
I-Tec, Indigenous Dental Training
Phone: 352-465-4545
Training Indigenous Christ-filled students to learn basic dental skills for professional dentists. With demonstrated proficiency, they are encouraged to use their skills to help their people and share the love of JesusHaiti, Ecuador, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan and more
In Deed And Truth Ministries
Phone: 760-707-7367
Christian mission bringing the love of Jesus and hope of gospel by integrating evangelism and discipleship with disease prevention.South Sudan
India Christian Ministries
Phone: 949-248-1484
Provide dental/med in villages. Disaster and clean water help. Work through local churches.India
India Gospel League
Phone: 888-352-4451
Holistic ministry for Jesus Christ in villages and rural Indian cultures through local pastors.India
International Caring Hands
Phone: 312-440-2500
Taking dental care to the World. Faith based giving and caring.Madagascar
International Christian Medical and Dental Association
Phone: +44 1727 227 514
They connect Christians in dental/med, equipping them to live out their faith.America, Eurasia, Africa, Asia
International Mission Board
Phone: 800-999-3113
Meeting human needs for eternity
All over the world
International Chrisitan Resources
Phone: 540-558-8530
Uses medicine to bring the Gospel. Takes studentsEcuador, Haiti, Jamaica, Guatemala, Peru
International Nepal Fellowship
Phone: 918-284-0129
Helps people affected by TB, leprosy, disability, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, and poverty.Nepal
Phone: 800-809-4440
Sending Christian professionals to proclaim the gospel where Christ is least known.Central Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Asia, Nepal, and the Arab World
Isaiah Connection
Phone: 612-280-7676
Bringing social humanitarian hope to cultures around the world in Christ’s name.Honduras, Hawaii, Arizona, Alaska, Israel, Australia, China, Scotland and more
Isle Go Missions
Phone: 407-687-8543
Want to align the Church around the world, bringing all together to do the work of the Kingdom.Jamaica, Brazil, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Trinidad, Turks and Caicos
Jabez Humanitarian Foundation
Phone: 503-975-9778
Help those in need physically and spiritually through Medical and Dental teamsFiji, Peru, Vietnam
Jungle Hospital
Phone: 011-504-9766-3637 Honduras
Dyer Rural Hospital to provide dental/medical and spiritual care--dormitory for teams.In Rio Viejo, N. Honduras. The Cangrejal Cove holds 15,000 villagers.
La Cima World Missions
Phone: 502-604-8838
Taking dental/medical care to places in need, regardless of risk. Day clinics in schools, churches, and fixed clinic sites.Honduras
Launch Out Ministries
Phone: 321-821-3360
Sending people into different places with the gospel; trips can be edgy, challenging, thrilling.Brazil, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Thailand, and more
Lifeline Christian Mission
Phone: 614-794-0108
Work with people both spiritually and physically. Established clinics in Haiti, Honduras, Cuba, El Salador, Equador, Guatemala, and Uganda. Dentists to work along-side national dentists
LifeNet International
Phone: 202-780-7435
We need dentists to teach dental
extraction ! Our main purpose is building capacity in clinics and
hospital across the country through medical and management training
with a Christian purpose
Burundi, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana
Lighthouse Medical Missions
Phone: 310-264-0634
Provides dental/medical care, build schools, construct water projects for African needy.The Gambia, Sierra Leone, DR Congo, Liberia, Burundi, Burkina Faso
Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission
Phone: 305-670-1181
Permanent clinic staffed by physician and nurses. Provides dental/medical clinics.Haiti
Love Truth Care Ministries
Phone: 501-374-8477
Christian interfaith group is intent on elevating healthcare in partnership with locals.Honduras
Loving One By One Ministries
Phone: 310-329-3983
Helping refugee and homeless children reach their potential.Honduras
MAHI International
Phone: 909-319-9000
Our mission is to increase the quality of life of the people in underdeveloped communities of the Pacific Island region.Federated States of Micronesia and Chile
Maryknoll Lay Missioners
Phone: 914-762-6364 Ext 207
Catholic organization inspired by Jesus to live and work in poor communities.Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, El Salvador, Kenya, and Tanzania
Medical Ambassadors International
Phone: 209-543-7500
Achieving community development through physical (dental/medical) and spiritual teaching.Over 80 countries and 3,000 communities, and most importantly, individual lives
Medical Benevolence Foundation
Phone: 800-547-7627
Working to bring health and wholeness around the world. Dental/medical clinics, etc.Haiti, Cameroon, Egypt, S. Sudan, Kenya, DR of Congo, Zambia, Malawi, Madagascar
Medical Ministries International
Phone: 559-324-1255
Recycle used medical equipment and ship to clinics as well as taking medical teams.Worked in 21 countries so far.
Medical Ministry International
Phone: 905-555-4400 and 844-335-6642
Canada: 905-524-3544
Provide compassion and healthcare in a world of need, using Jesus as our guide.Over 100 projects a year to Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Fiji, China, Honduras, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda , Zambia
Medical Mission International
Christian ministry linking dental/medical care to poor.Togo, Burkina Faso, Peru, Latin American, Africa, Nepal
Medical Missions
Phone: 866-204-3200
Connects dental/medical volunteers with organizations sponsoring medical missions everywhere.Hundreds of opportunities in many countries worldwide.
Medical Teams International
Phone: 800-959-4325
Christian global health organization helping people affected by disaster, conflict, and poverty in 70 countries.Afghanistan, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guatemala, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mexico, Mozambique, Moldova, Niger, Nicaragua, Romania, Sudan, Uganda, Uzbekistan, and more
Medical Teams International
Phone: 888-230-2637
Short Term missions o provide teaching and clinical training around the worldCentral Asia, Ecuador, Egypt, Kenya, Kosovo, Mongolia, Sudan and more
Medico Incorporated
Phone: 512-930-1893
Nondominational humanitarian service providing health care in Central AmericaHonduras, Nicaragua
Phone: 203-891-8223
Strategically fund dentists to serve overseas to meet physical and spiritual needs.Worldwide
Men for Missions
Phone: 317-881-6752
Partners with more than 180 organizations to see the Gospel spread.Haiti, Ecuador (have a dental clinic already set up)
Mercy & Truth Medical Missions, Inc.
Phone: 913-621-0074
Providing healthcare to underserved of world in Christian service.Malawi, Mexico, China, Kenya, Nicaragua, and many more
Mercy Ships
Phone: 903-939-7000
Hospital ships since 1978. Following the example of Jesus, they bring hope and healingAfrica
Mexican Medical Ministries
Phone: 619-463-4777
To bring God’s healing touch and hope to the people of Mexico. Mexico areas of Lemon Grove, Tijuana, Ensenada, San Vicente, San Quentin, La Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas, and Palenque
Miracle Foundation
Phone: 512-329-8635
Transforming orphanages into loving homes where children thrive.India
Mission Doctors Association
Phone: 213-368-1872
Catholic doctors offer their skills at mission hospitals and clinics, expressing their faithCameroon, Ecuador, Peru, Tanzania, Uganda, Honduras, Malawi, Belize, and Sierra Leone and many other countries worldwide
Mission Guatemala
Phone: 800-563-8103
Helping meet basic needs, and improve life through initiatives towards health, education, nutrition, and missionary service.Guatemala
Mission Flight
Phone: 626-823-7703
Through the air and on the ground, Mission Flight compassionately connects people in need with hope, help and healing.US, Mexico
Mission Haiti Medical
Phone: 513-616-0341
Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through healthcare.Haiti
Mission of Hope Haiti
Phone: 512-256-0835
Life transformation for every man, woman, and childHaiti, Dominican Republic
Mission Opportunities Short Term (MOST) Ministries
Phone: 734-994-7909
Affiliated with the Lutheran Church, dental/med. teams provide temporary clinics and education for local churches.Cambodia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Paraguay, India, Costa Rica, Tanzania, El Salvador, Belize, Thailand, Honduras, Mexico, S. Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya
Mission To the World
Phone: 678-823-0004
Advances the work of the body of Christ worldwide through a wide variety of word and deed ministries Belize, Cambodia, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, Kampala, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine,Zambia
Missionary Ventures, Inc.
Phone: 407-859-7322
Brings the love and message of Christ to hurting people in 40 countriesDominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Marshall Islands, Mexico,Nicaragua, Peru
Missions for Humanity
Christian organization providing dental/med. aid, etc.Tanzania, Honduras, and others
Missions of Love
Phone: 279-363-0078
Christian mission ministering to physical, educational, and spiritual needs of Haitians.Jolivert, NW Haiti
Mi Refugio Es Jesus Inc
Phone: 239-549-4081
Christian ministry sharing the love of Jesus by providing medical and dental assistance.Guatemala
Mobile Medical Disaster Relief Live Beyond
Phone: 469-32-3533
Faith based, humanitarian organization bringing medical, water, education, community development, and the gospelHaiti
Monte Flor Dental Clinic/Pray America
Phone: 213-645-0184
Jesus centered ministry committed to helping the poor in 40 Mayan communities.Guatemala
Morningstar Development
Phone: 719-266-8900
Helping the people of Afghanistan rebuild their country and their livesAfganistan
Mountain Top Ministries
Phone: 812-870-3939
Small clinic that hosts visiting dental/medical short-term mission trips; faith-based.Rural village of Gramothe, Haiti
mPower Approach
Phone: 502-544-9031
Believers in developing countries are trained to address both physical and spiritual needs of their own people using dentalCentral Africa, Ghana, Haiti, lndia, Kenya, Liberia, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Uganda, West Africa, Zambia
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries
Phone: 800-310-6362
or 913-577-0500
Partner with local Nazarene organizations around the world to help the suffering.Worldwide (all countries and in
local communities)
Nehemiah Vision Ministries
Phone: 765-279-5000
Moving people from darkness to light and from hopelessness to eternal life. Haiti
New Covenant Home
Two hospitals and rural dental/medical clinics for Christian mission. Northern area of the Peten jungle of Guatemala (by Mayan ruins of Tikal)
New Hope Eurasia
Phone: 770-776-6924
Will sponsor Dental teams and works with churches, orphans, outreach.Moldova, Romania, and other countries
New Hope Uganda
Phone: 605-717-0315
Brings the Fatherhood of God to orphaned, fatherless and abandoned children.Uganda, with complete portable clinic on site
One Child
Phone: 800-864-0200
Equips children in developing nations to reach their God-given potential through Spiritual, Physical, Social, and Mental areas Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mozambique, Nepal,Philippines,and Swaziland
Operation Blessings
Phone: 800-730-2537
Demonstrates God’s love through medical/dental care to those in need. Have Dental BrigadesOver 30 countries around the world
Operation Mobilization
Phone: 800-899-0432
They evangelize, church plant, mentor, work for justice, and help with dental/med relief.Ships, N. & Latin America (17+ countries), Europe (30), Africa (15), Middle East (14+), Asia (27)
Operation Smile International
Phone: 757-321-7645
Private, non-profit volunteer organization for reconstructive surgery and training to localsWorldwide (all countries and USA)
Orphan’s Lifeline International
Phone: 406-257-0868
To bring hope to the Orphans of the world by providing food, shelter, medical care, children's Bibles, educational assistance, adoption advocacy and more in a manner that breaks the cycle of dependence and promotes individual and societal productivity as well as charitable character within the community.India, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Uganda, Russian Federation
Partners in Development, Inc
Phone: 978-380-6132
Helping poor attain independence and whole life improvement through programs; dental etc.Guatemala, Peru and Haiti
Project Adopt a Village
Phone: 717-676-2811
Touching lives and enhancing the quality of life with the love and compassion of ChristEthiopia
Project Compassion
Phone: 858-485-9694
Responds to local church or missionary with a dental/med. clinic used as an evangelistic outreach to their communityBaja, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Pacific Islands, Asia, Europe, Malawi, Uganda, Madagascar, and Africa
Project Smile Inc
Phone: 912-657-7992
Each year two teams of dental professionals and volunteers travel to Belize to provide dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants for the primary school children of Belize.  Each team will treat an average of 250 children during the week.Belize
Reach Beyond (Formally HCJB)
Phone: 800-873-4859
Dental/Medical outreach arm of the Assemblies of God Churches, bringing the voice and hands of Jesus to the unreached.Worldwide Ministry. World offices: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Real Impact Missions
Phone: 800-774-6746
Provides strategic resources in evangelism and planning a Christian mission trip for a church or team. Uganda, Thailand, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Botswana and many others.
Reconciliation Ministries Network, Inc.
Phone: 423-822-1091
Mobilizing African Americans and
others to serve the under-served by Word and deed
South Sudan (particularly Juba and Torit)
Phone: 719-440-6102
To improve the dental health as well as spiritual and medical health of children and youth.117 homes in 16 countries
Phone: 719-440-6102
To improve the dental health as well as spiritual and medical health of children and youth.117 homes in 16 countries
Rice Foundation
Phone: 469-202-8760
Evangelical organization sends dental/medical missions up to eight times a year.Copan, Honduras
Samaritan’s Purse
Phone: 828-262-1980
Places Christian dentists and other medical professionals in short-term service at mission hospitals and clinicsBolivia with mountain and Amazon river trips, Kenya and many other places
Phone: 888-641-0900
Has roots in the Social Outreach Ministry of Atlanta’s Sacred Heart Catholic Church.Full-time, multi-service health clinic in Grand-Bois, Haiti
Serving In Mission
Phone: 800-521-6449
Serving in Christ’s name to reach around the world in many different ways, including dental/medical clinic opportunities.Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Japan, Niger, Korea, Brazil, New Zealand, Switzerland, Belgium, Asia, Italy, Guatemala, Chile and more
ServingHIM Healthcare
International Ministries
Phone: 972-370-4441
Dedicated to serving others worldwide by ministering to both physical and spiritual needs in impoverished areasGuatemala, Romania, Moldova, and more
Seventh Day Adventist Dental Missions
Phone: 909-558-4607
Working in overseas short or long term missions in dental clinics to heal physically and spiritually the underserved around the worldTrinidad, Grenada, Kyrgyzstan, DR Congo, Togo, Tanzania, Cameroon
Sharing the Journey International
Phone: 215-206-5152
To bring the message of the gospelthrough dental, medical and humanitarian aid and education.Guatemala
Show Mercy International
Phone: 601-747-0388
Mobilizes, inspires, and empowers to live life on purpose while reaching out in love.Uganda: short and long-term missions, orphaned, abused and abandoned children
Providing dental services to underserved children through restoration, surgery, and preventative measures.Honduras, Hispanic America
South Texas Children’s Home Ministries
Phone: 361-994-0940
Honoring God through ministries with local churches and orphanages; medical, dental, nutritional clinics, schoolsDominican Republic
St. Elizabeth Seaton Catholic Church Haiti Council
Phone: 317-846-3850
The church founded and sponsors the St. Genevieve Health Clinic with a local nurse and dental/medical teams.Duval, Haiti
SulaSonrisa Dental Clinic
Phone: (850) 443-4683
Providing compassionate help to give economically depressed region hope by improving their dental healthHonduras
TEAM Canada
Phone: 800-343-3144
The Evangelical Alliance Mission of Canada sends healthcare teams for God.Nepal, Peru, Chad, Pakistan
Team of God
Phone: 800-343-3144
Team of God is a registered non profit Christian body whose purpose is to partner, cooperate and working together with a person, people, churches, organisation, ministries to preach the Gospel of Christ, planting churches, equipping saint till maturity.
The purpose of this is to invite any dentist, church, organisation among others to come and empower us in the following areas schedule June 20th to 25th 2022. Our target for this is to plan a church in one of the areas below.
Training 200 pastors in a conference and Evening crusade (3 days)
Dental clinic treatment/ services 500-700 patients (5 days)
Pastor Christopher Odwee Email:
Overseer Team of God Worship International Ministries

Pastor Stephine Opio Team of God worship international ministries.

Accommodation and feeding for 200 pastors for 3days.
Hiring Equipment for evening crusade.
Guest Speakers (3 days)
We need portable dental equipments and instruments.

HOST CHURCH – Dokolo Team of God Worship Church.
Teethsavers International, Inc.
Phone: 806-368-7513
Using Atraumatic Restorative Treatment and Six-Year Molar Focus preventionBelize, Morocco, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Guatemala, Uganda, Malawi
The God’s Child Project
Phone: 701-255-7956
Caring for over 1500 orphaned, abandoned, and poverty-stricken children; has dental clinicsGuatemala, Malawi, India, El
The Haiti Mission-Providence United Methodist Church
Phone: 704-714-9378
Dental/medical clinics are held in two sites several times a year.
Haiti, Cap Haiti
The Luke Commission
Phone: 866-351-1254
Cares for the sickest and most forgotten with medical/dental clinics in rural areas.Bush of Swaziland
The Luke Society
Phone: 605-373-9686
Supports indigenous Christian health professionals dedicated to dental/med. missions. The Luke Society works with those who have a vision to reach their own people. Nationals know the language and culture of their people and have ideas for solving their own problems. TLS helps provide the resources to bring their God-given visions to fruition.Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Ukraine, Burkina Faso, Benin, DR Congo, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Chad, Uganda, China, Indonesia, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal Philippines
The Way of the Cross Ministries
Phone: 956-793-9801
Medical/Dental events with Gospel message. “Med Fest” is an exciting chance to serve.Nicaragua, Mexico
Tree for Hope
Phone: 717-364-4090
Provide a bright future of hope for children, elders, and families focusing on education, health, and mental wellness.Guatemala
Trinity Dental Clinic
Phone: 865-681-0770
Christian dental clinic to provide dental care to the poor with an emphasis on the Trinity.Liberia
United Methodist Volunteers in Mission
Phone: 205-453-9480
“Christian Love in Action” Medical/dental clinic in Belize. Non- Methodists may participateLatin America and the Caribbean
Voice of Jean Rabel
Phone: 347-200-2328
Helping the people of Jean Rabel build brighter future with healthcare, education, etc.Haiti
Volunteers in Medical Missions
Phone: 864-885-9023
Encourage Christian fellowship and promote a Christian approach to the treatment of patients throughout the worldAfghanistan, Belize, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand
West Indies Self Help
Christian org. helping poor break cycle of poverty; dental, employment, education, etc.
Have Dental Clinic
World Dental Relief
Phone: 918-251-2612
Dental warehouse/personnel to train, equip, and receive and distribute supplies to those doing dental mission work. Charitable, Christian clinics in the United States and Worldwide
World Gospel Mission
Phone: 765-664-7331
Partners with individuals and churches worldwide to make disciples of Christ.Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, India, Japan, Taiwan, Haiti, West Indies, El Salvador, Honduras, Albania, Hungary, Spain, Ukraine, Middle East, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru
World Venture
Phone: 720-283-2000
Shared vision to see all nations transformed by Jesus Christ. 600 missionaries and team members.60 areas around globe. Specifically advertising for dentists to come anytime to Cote d’Ivoire, Africa
Worldwide Heart to Heart Children Village
Phone: 503-427-0258
To love and care for children providing opportunity to learn about Jesus. Dental Clinic or outreach ministries doneHonduras
Zion Care International
Phone: 808-757-9150
Outreach through ships to serve isolated islands and remote shoreline villagesPanama, Cambodia, Marshall Islands, Haiti, Papua New Guinea
Zion Care International
Phone: (917) 470-1728
Christian outreach ministry to promotes and preserve the health, welfare, and physical well-being of economically challenged and needy.Jamaica