Senegal Mission Trip Opportunity

Senegal Mission

Invitation for a Medical Mission Trip to Senegal

October 28 – November 6, 2011

You are invited to apply for International Medical Relief’s medical mission trip to Senegal, Africa.
International Medical Relief will once again return to remote villages in Senegal to provide desperately needed care for thousands of families without health care. Additionally, we will continue to work with the Talibe children who in many instances have been exploited by their marabout teacher and held against their will, unfed and forced into labor as street beggars.

The medical team will travel to four different traditional African villages in Senegal where enthusiastic patients will eagerly await their turn to greet you. These patients would otherwise not have any access to medical care. These communities suffer from infectious diseases that with your help can be treated and saved. Severe infections largely go untreated and access to hospitals is very difficult for these patients. In this part of the country many need basic medical care. You can help.

Concluding this historic journey you will spend a day touring some of Senegal’s most renowned sites, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Goree Island. Here you can pay respects at the “doors of no return” on this historic slave-trading island. Whether you are participating in the annual music festival or strolling on the famous white sand beaches, the colorful culture of Senegal will leave you with warm memories.

International Medical Relief will make all arrangements for your stay including transportation, visas, translators, your entire in country stay and more. The total donation that you are asked to contribute for this trip is $3,400. This donation will allow IMR to provide you with: international airfare from a central location in the US, ground transportation, lodging, meals, supplies, entry visas, tipping and other miscellaneous expenses. For an application please email

Once your application has been accepted, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the trip before making your final decision as to participation. All participants will be given ample material and information on the country, a detailed itinerary, as well as necessary information about vaccinations, packing and travel. Space is limited and on a first come basis. Thank you for your support.

About Senegal

The pulsating culture of Senegal is easy to hear in their music and you will become immersed in their exciting culture with all of its richness from your first meal. You will hear them exclaim “kaay leck!” (“come eat!”) as a bountiful plate with generous helpings of the local flavor is served for your whole group to share. The cultural traditions are rich with dance and song, yet one can certainly catch some shade under a majestic Baobab tree, also known as an ancient tree of life, which looks upside down.
This African country is the heart of where emotion meets adventure. The beautiful women with their multicolored dresses will come to clinic with exuberance typical of a bustling African market.

Most believe that the name Senegal came from the origins of the wolof word “our canoe”. During colonial times, this country was very important to trade. Famous for its white sand beaches along the coast, Senegal also boasts arid desert lands and lush tropical forests. Senegal’s charm lies within the rhythm of activity from the vibrant remote communities to the bustling streets of Dakar.

Please contact us for more information:
Daniel Rauk, DDS