July 2020

Trip Location: Roaring Creek, Belize

Approximate Cost of Trip: $1,800
Date the Trip Will Start: July 25, 2020
Date the Trip Will End: August 1, 2020
Organization: The Little Yellow Bird Foundation, Inc.
Goals of The Trip: “Spread Smiles From Here to the Nations”
We provide: Dental and Medical Care-Education-Household and Community Improvements-Spiritual GrowthType of Dentistry Performed: Extractions, Restorative

Mission Overview

Church Host Information: Bay Area Community Church in Annapolis, MD works with Hearts for Christ in Belize

Mission Trip Logistics

Destination Airport:Belize City
Lodging: Missionary House
Free Time and Opportunities: The last day is a fun day. Everyone will be going out on a boat to go snorkeling.

CDS Member Contact Information

Full Name: Robert Morabito
Address: 6200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 114, Falls Church, VA 22044
Phone Number: 703-303-4830
Email Address: littleyellowbirdfoundation@gmail.com