May 2018

Trip Location: Moldova

Approximate Cost of Trip: $2,000
Date the Trip Will Start: May 4, 2018
Date the Trip Will End: May 13th, 2018
Final Date for Signup: March 4, 2018
Organization: Grace Chapel, Lexington, MA
Goals of The Trip: Short term dental mission trip to treat children in orphanages and village schools

Mission Overview
Type of Dentistry Performed: Extractions, Restorative
Church Host Information: 655 Boston Road Unit 3A
Brief Description of the area: The poorest eastern European county but the people are very friendly. Most of the population are Eastern Orthodox but they might not have a personal relationship with Jesus and that’s why we going there.

Mission Trip Logistics

Destination Airport: KIV
Lodging: Not 5-star hotels
Special Requirements (VISA, Immunizations, etc.): If you are US citizen, no VISA needed. (And no immunization needed)
Meals: Included into the fee, we eat whatever they give us
Voltage: 220-240 volts
Electricity: Usually available but only 1 outlet per room for the whole team to use
Outlets: European outlets
Currency: Moldovan Leu
Free Time and Opportunities: We usually don’t have much free time but since we are a small group, we can talk about it if anyone interested.

CDS Member Contact Information

Full Name: Kunio Chan
Address: 655 Boston Road, Unit 3A, Billerica, MA 01821
Phone Number: 617-458-2259
Email Address: