September 2022

Trip Location: NAIROBI, KENYA and regionApproximate

Cost of Trip: $1,350 + airfare dependent on city of departure, etc.

Date the Trip Will Start: September 30, 2022

Date the Trip Will End: October 11, 2022

Final Date for Signup: May 6, 2022Organization: REMEMBER NHU

Goals of The Trip: This is a combo-Dental and Medical Initiative trip. We will improve the health of Remember Nhu’s children. Our priorities are to:- assure the children/youth feel secure and safe- establish relationships and collaborate with local dental and medical providers- the dental team will give focused attention to preventative treatment and education, pain reduction (including extractions,) decay restoration- train and encourage in-country Health Coaches- reflect the values of Remember Nhu and the agape love of God, in both word and deedType of Dentistry Performed: Extractions, RestorativeChurch Host Information: Remember Nhu is not a church, it is a movement of people who dream of a better world. We believe that children have an inalienable right to grow up happy and healthy, and the idea that any child should be victimized in this way is appalling to all of us. Consider the following question: If you had the opportunity to identify a child who is at risk of being sold, prevent that from happening, and protect the child from ever entering the sex trade—would you do it?

That is exactly why Remember Nhu exists. We are a non-profit committed to ending child sex slavery through prevention. We identify those children who are at risk of falling prey to the sex trade and provide them with a home in which their physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs are met. By creating a supportive environment for each of these children, we are ensuring a childhood free from sex slavery and also dramatically lowering their risk of joining the sex trade later in life.Brief

Description of the area: Kenya is connected to seven cross regional routes that allow movement of victims of trafficking. In Kenya, even family members and close friends are duped as recruiters or enablers. Remember Nhu is focused on keeping a child from ever being sold or trafficked and then caring for that child. This team will consist of both medical & dental professionals, treating our children in the greater Nairobi region, each doing what they do best!

Destination Airport: NAIROBI, KENYALodging: local hotel or retreat center – tbd

Special Requirements (VISA, Immunizations, etc.): Hepatitis A – suggested; Tetanus – current; COVID vaccine – suggested (documented negative test 72 hrs prior to departure)Meals: American & local cuisine (provided except going/return trip)

Voltage: 110-120 voltsElectricity: confirming detailsOutlets: confirming details

Currency: Kenyan Shilling, KES

Free Time and Opportunities: Provide in schedule, are limited cultural and shopping experiences. Exploring optional extended days and cost for 2-3 day safari experience. Stay tuned for that information.


Address: 1352 LYDIA AVE N, Keizer, OR 97303

Phone Number: 719-440-6102

Email Address: