CDS Resources

The Christian Dental Society provides a number of resources for dental mission trips.

Portable Dental Mission Training Opportunity for Three Days in Mexicali, Mexico, click HERE.

To find out about equipment available through CDS, click HERE.

To find CDS members who will share their insights and experiences about different locations , click HERE.

To review CDS members’ Mission Trip Reports that may give you valuable insights into specific locations, click HERE.

To review a menu of available training videos, click HERE.

Designated Fund Accounts for missions, click HERE.

Purchase of Sterilization Pressure Pot Weight click HERE

Information on Dental Emergencies and a Dental Emergency Kit Click HERE

Instructions for Pressure Pot Sterlilization click HERE

Pressure Pot Sterility Letter click HERE

Purchase of Portable CDS Dental Chair Click HERE

For more information, you can submit the form in the right column of this website or contact Christian Dental Society at:

* Christian Dental Society
* PO Box 296 * Sumner, IA 50674
* (563) 578-8887